How Does Green Technology Create Jobs

Dated: 11/10/2017

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How Does Green Technology Create Jobs?

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Green technology is on the rise, and it’s taking high unemployment away with it. According to Fortune, renewable energy creates new jobs 12 times faster than any other segment of the economy. That’s 20 percent annual growth, and a total of 4.5 million jobs in the United States alone.

Why the enormous growth? The cost of manufacturing and implementing green technology has fallen across the board, while the return on investment has skyrocketed as consumers across the country demand solar energy for their homes and local policies that support clean energy use. Even GOP towns are beginning to see the value of clean energy.

What kind of job opportunities are sprouting up as a result of this focus on green technology?

Solar & Wind IndustriesImage title

One in every 80 jobs across the United States has been the result of the solar industry dating back to the Great Depression, a figure that’s held steady growth for decades. Lately, the wind industry is following suit. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wind technicians currently see the biggest growth out of any job position in the country.

Fossil fuels are on a limited timeline, as nonrenewable resources won’t last forever. The solar and wind industries welcome blue-collar oil, gas, and coal workers whose jobs are rapidly disappearing, with work opportunities that pay an average of $5 per hour more than comparable jobs in other industries.

Manufacturing & Installation Industries

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From utility providers to home energy efficiency, we can’t have green technology without the workforce who makes it possible with hard work in manufacturing and installation.

In October 2017, the Bureau of Labor released projections looking at growth rates for the next year, and the two top-growing jobs are both in the green technology manufacturing and installation industries.

The demand for solar voltaic installers is expected to grow by 105 percent, while the demand for wind turbine technicians should grow by 96 percent in the same time period. That’s over twice the rate of any other job position that made the list.

Energy Efficient Home Industries

Green tech isn’t limited to wind turbines and community-wide solar panels: homeowners are increasingly interested in going energy efficient. Cutting your carbon footprint starts at home, which means investing in smart home technology, as well as energy efficient components such as radiant flooring, insulated windows, and even home solar panels.

This means endless job growth for the manufacturing teams that create and build this technology, but also for contractors who specialize in installing these energy efficient solutions. Homeowners know that there’s value in selling an energy efficient home to the right audience, so at the same time, there’s now a market for REALTORS® who specialize in closing deals on green homes, as well as tech development for energy savings apps like HomeSelfe.

The future holds all kinds of exciting developments for green technology, both stateside and worldwide, and we can only expect job opportunities to grow from here. Wave-powered water pumps are slated to become a source of clean energy in the near future, and Apple just announced that they’re building a $1 billion green energy center. One thing’s clear: green technology isn’t going anywhere, and neither is its place in the job market.

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